What’s the Difference Between our Maternity Support Leggings and Highwaist Support Leggings? And Which Size Should I Buy and Try?

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The main difference between our two leggings is in the belly/torso area. The Maternity is designed so that there is no pressure or tightness on your belly, so there is actually significantly less compression on the belly area and more stretch for when your belly grows each week. The Highwaist design is fully opaque- providing full coverage and smoothing support. Not too tight like shapewear, it can fit comfortably up in your 1st 2nd trimester pregnant, and then perfect for right after delivery, motherhood and forever after. The Maternity Belly Support Leggings have a built-in belly support panel that is designed to grow with your bump while still providing maximum lift and support. The belly panel is not completely opaque and the leggings fit true to size. We recommend ordering a size up if in between sizes or in your third trimester. Sizing is determined by your pre-pregnancy size. Learn more about Maternity Belly Support Leggings here. The Highwaist Support Leggings are 100% opaque from top to bottom and provide gentle compression to keep you feeling put together. The leggings are seamless, moisture wicking and help smooth out any lines giving you maximum postpartum comfort. The Highwaist Leggings make nursing a breeze, any shirt becomes a nursing shirt as you have easy access by pulling up your shirt and your nursing bra down while still keeping your midsection covered. Perfect for those little ones who don’t like being covered up! Learn more about the Highwaist Support Leggings here.   Both are seamless, so there is no scratchy seams, anywhere. These are designed in-house, rather than bought directly from a manufacturer, by our cofounders Valerie + Sabina. They are both mothers and have used their own pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding experiences as the inspiration behind these products. Both are knit using our 360 support patented designs, so you know you are getting something that does what it says it actually does. Read our reviews! Because pregnancy and postpartum bodies are all different, it can be difficult to know what size to buy and when. We break it down by style and trimester below. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Care team via email, or on Facebook here or on Instagram here.  

Maternity Belly Support Leggings

Best time to buy:
1st trimester: You may not have officially ‘popped’ yet, but maybe you feel ‘thicker’ and already your pre-pregnancy clothes can get uncomfortable. 2nd trimester: You will live in these, enough said. 3rd trimester: By now you’re likely really feeling the effects of pregnancy with back aches, belly heaviness, overall discomfort and nothing officially fits. These are also great layered under our Belly Support Tanktop and Built-in Support Bellyband for the ultimate in comfort and stress relief. It’s not too late to get these, as it gets generally gets harder at the end, so why make it harder on yourself. This is also the time to stock up on these- Highwaist Postpartum + Nursing Support Leggings. These are top on the list as your ‘What to Pack in your Hospital Bag’. Read this blog post from BLANQI cofounder Valerie after her delivery of her 4th baby- and why these leggings are a “total life-saver”! Some design details to note: During the seamless knitting of the Maternity Belly Support Leggings, the machine ‘drops’ yarn during the transition of stitches that creates the varying degrees of compression in our patented built-in belly support panels. When looking at the interior of the garment, you may notice what appears to be ‘fraying’, but that is actually a common feature of circular knitting- you may have noticed it before on the inside heel area of a pair of socks. The belly area is still completely secure and this is not a sign of damage or irregularities.  

Highwaist Postpartum + Nursing Support Leggings

Best time to buy:
These are top on the list as your ‘What to Pack in your Hospital Bag’ making the third trimester the perfect time to buy the Highwaist Postpartum + Nursing Support Leggings. Gently compressing your postpartum tummy, not squeezing your already tender midsection offering 360 degrees of support covering your midsection so you can nurse comfortably, anywhere, anytime. They're seam-free so your c-section scar won't get aggravated with perfectly balanced, luxe-athletic breathable fabric.

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