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As women, we share what we love – with our family, friends, that total stranger in line at the store! So we thought, why not create a new, exciting community of BLANQI girls who want to take their love of BLANQI to the next level?!

Part street-team, part
brand enthusiast.

We realize that our most loyal customers are the ones that embraced the social culture, love being a BLANQI girl and part of something they believe in. They have been introduced to BLANQI in different ways – by a sister who said that “she couldn’t do pregnancy without a ‘BLANQI’, or stumbled upon our styles pinned on one of our retailer’s “maternity must-haves” Pinterest board, or being tagged in a comment on Instagram from a best friend telling her to “check this out, these look so comfy!”


When you find something you love, do you tell everyone about it? Do you have an eye for style? Do you love fashion? Is working out and living life to it’s fullest your thing? Can you fearlessly start up a conversation with a stranger? Are you already spending your days at the playground, park, pediatrician, the gym, school, the salon, office?


Your responsibility as a BLANQI Social Sales Rep is to spread the word on BLANQI in your city and in all your social circles. If Instagram is your thing, share it through style posts, if you are a blogger, use your lifestyle posting skills, if you’re not into social media, but love people, you can just chat up in your real life moments.

Earn $ every time a
friend buys BLANQI

Earn 5-20% commission when a customer makes a purchase on using your unique social sales rep code! Making money is as simple as that!

Once you’ve filled out your application and it has been approved, you will receive an email notifying you of your acceptance, your social sales rep code and details of the program. Start up the conversation by wearing the styles you love, so you authentically share. We offer our social sales reps discounts on

We take our BLANQI social sales reps partnerships seriously, and are here to support you for success. We love you and see you as an integral part of BLANQI!! Lots of exciting things to come!

Be your own boss.

Set your own schedule: Look into leads during baby’s naptime, pass out your social sales rep codes when you see a girl that you think would love BLANQI while at the gym, grocery store, or playground and on the weekend when running errands. We believe at BLANQI that a work-life balance is accessible and can be achieved!

200 billion business= that’s the spending power of the over 105 million-strong millennial market, with the mom market continually self-renewing; approximately 4 million babies are born each year, and 40% to first time moms. We moms believe that word-of-mouth recommendations are the most credible, which makes your personal experience wearing and sharing BLANQI more valuable.