23 Ways to Wear BLANQI Maternity Belly Support Leggings

We love seeing all these different ways to wear our BLANQI Maternity Belly Support leggings! We always wanted to create something that was not only supportive, beautiful and high-quality, but pieces that were versatile – pieces that once you made the investment, you could wear everyday if you wanted to – dress them up, dress them down, go to yoga then slip on some boots for lunch with the girlfriends. All the while being lifted, supported, and held in. Soft to the touch and smart on design, our ultra, 360º flexible stretch-panel allows for total freedom of movement and adapts to belly size, cradling your growing bump in comfort throughout all 3 trimesters taking you all the way to D-day! See below 23 ways some of our BLANQI Girls are wearing their Maternity Belly Support leggings.


"I love blanqi because I love to layer and it makes it so easy with the smooth, comfortable and supportive designs. I can dress it up or dress it down!"



"I love how versatile they are - I can wear them on a date night with boots and a cute top, when I’m walking the dog with a sweatshirt and sneakers or when I’m just hanging out at home with the family. I also love the support they give my body post pregnancy!"



"I've never had any doubt in my mind about not having at least one piece of clothing to fit me as I've grown throughout this pregnancy. Blanqigirls is always the answer! No matter how much my body has transformed I always feel comfortable emotionally and physically while wearing my Maternity support leggings."


"When packing for our trip to Maui, I really needed some stylish and supportive wear, especially for all the hiking that we had planned on doing. My BLANQI came to the rescue and provided me with all the support I needed, and I could style it in so many different ways!"



“Blanqi during pregnancy and beyond is an absolute must. Stylish comfort at its finest if you ask me!”














"BLANQI leggings are magic… You can work out in them in the morning and then when you’re too tired to change when you get home, all you have to do is switch your shirt, and then when you’re too tired to change at night, they automatically turn into pj’s. Then you can wake up and repeat. The only downside is you might have to take them off and wash them every now and then. But, seriously. I’m living in them ALL day!"



"Throughout both my pregnancies I wore BLANQI Maternity leggings because quite simply, they were all that fit me as I grew. BUT over time, as I found maternity pieces that fit me, I always reverted back to my trusted BLANQI leggings because they support me and alleviated back and hip pain with my ever growing bump. I recommend them to all my pregnant girlfriends and gift the postpartum pair to friends at their baby showers!"


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