How it Works - Leggings with Room to Grow

These are the maternity leggings you’ve been looking for. A true innovation that perfectly balances form and function. Lightweight, full coverage, luxe leggings fused with all of our patented support features. So comfortable, supportive and versatile, they will change the way you experience pregnancy. When to buy?! As soon as you see that positive pregnancy test and you can feel your waistline getting a little thicker. When your skinny jeans become a battle to put on and only increase your nausea, it's time to switch to BLANQI leggings and enjoy your pregnancy in comfort.
integrated belly support band

invisible lift for less stress

Smooth and seamlessly built-in, the belly support band gently lifts the belly and redistributes weight to help reduce abdominal and lower back pressure. Wrapping around 360 degrees then anchored to X-shaped back support, the built-in belly band feels like a supportive hug for aching bodies. Experience a snug and secure sensation while enjoying unrestricted movement and absolute all-day comfort.
x-shaped back reinforcement

stabilize to energize

X-shaped back reinforcement eases lower back pressure and encourages better posture to keep you energized. Seamlessly connected to the belly support band, these features work as a team to deliver support where you need it most. Just try walking with and without these leggings on and you’ll feel the difference.
responsive belly panel

expands effortlessly

Designed with a highly responsive belly support panel that changes with your body you can trust that unlike some pregnancy leggings, these won’t leave you feeling squished or squeezed. Almost-opaque, ultra flexible belly panel expands easily as your bump grows and absolute stretch and recover microfiber means that the fabric won’t ever lose shape, no matter how big your bundle gets.
luxe athletic fabric

keep your cool & breathe easy

The last thing you want when you’re pregnant is to feel weighed down by bulky garments, or “suffocated” by heavy, so-called “performance” fabrics that do nothing but increase perspiration (and, frankly, we’ve got plenty of that as it is). So we designed our leggings to be light as a feather, made with breathable fibers for better ventilation and moisture wicking capabilities that draw sweat away from the body. Plus the buttery soft, luminous finish looks and feels luxe.
comfortable & versatile

made to fit your new life

Dress them up or down, these are your go-with-everything leggings. Sleek enough to impress on a night out, comfy enough to sleep in. And with breathable, moisture-wicking fabric, perfect for pregnancy work-outs. Finish is luminous but not shiny. Seamless for a smooth and fashionable fit with no awkward seams up the middle.


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