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Honest testimonies from real moms of their experience in BLANQI quite simply makes our hearts happy. We love hearing your feedback and support with the product we offer and Leah's review on her blog was no different. She so graciously is allowing us to share her feedback with you all so without further adieu...
"Okay, ladies! It's the moment you've been waiting for.  I'm finally going to share my honest opinions about my BLANQI Maternity Belly Support Tanktop! First, a bit about my pregnancy... This pregnancy has been an uncomfortable one for me. It started very early on with an annoying nerve pain right in the middle of my butt on the right side.  This turned into full-on sciatica from about three months to the end of my six month.  I couldn't walk for any substantial amount of time, play tennis, or do any of the physical activities I was hoping to do during my second trimester this past spring. Stretching at night would often bring me to tears from the pain.  In addition to the sciatic pain, I felt like this baby was lying super low.  Unlike my first pregnancy, I felt like many times I had to actually hold my belly so the baby didn't just fall out.  I know this sounds ridiculous, but maybe some of you can relate to this.  This was when I started researching the BLANQI Supportwear Tanktop. I was getting ads for it through my Instagram and it looked like nothing I had ever seen.
What is the Blanqi Belly Support Tank Top?
Think about your most comfortable and supportive sports bra.  You know how they have certain areas of the bra that have more support and compression than others, depending on the natural form of a woman's body? This tank top is very similar to that. There is literally one seamless support "X" that begins under your armpits on the front side of the tank, goes up over your shoulders, crosses right at your shoulder blades on the back, and wraps down your sides and under your belly, lifting and supporting it in one smooth, endless loop.  It totally alleviates heaviness and leaves you feeling smoothed-out, lifted, and tucked-in. The belly portion of the tank top is not as compressed, allowing your belly to grow from your first trimester, all the way to your due date.
My Thoughts
The first night I got this tank in the mail, I slipped it on and wore it to the food store. I felt like I instantly grew two inches. My posture was so much better, I didn't once feel like I had to hold underneath my belly, and all of my lovely pregnancy back fat felt smoothed out and held in. I couldn't stop feeling the "X" on my back. It's my favorite part, and the source of strength in holding your belly so nicely. I also like how low the bottom of the tank comes on your torso, covering your whole butt as well.  The price, while expensive for a gal like me, I have to say is worth it.  I can NOT walk or exercise without this tank top.  I have worn it a ton and will continue to wear it for the next 8 weeks.
Any cons?
While I absolutely love the white tank top and it goes with everything, knowing how messy I am, I probably should have gotten the black one as well (haha). Other than that, I really don't have many complaints about the tank.  I usually do not wear it all day long, and save it just for when I will need extra support, like working out or running errands, as it is thick and tight and sometimes I don't want anything touching me.
Moral of the Story
I would buy this tank again. And yes, I recommend it to women needing some extra support in their pregnancy or who experience pain and discomfort. BLANQI as a company does not have a ton of different products, which I actually really appreciate. They seem to focus on what they are good at and designing those products to the best of their ability. They have a few postpartum and nursing products that I will definitely be looking into, including these high-waist leggings. So hats off, BLANQI, and thank you for collaborating with me on this post. Thank you also, to Serena Rose Photography, for these great photos on the hottest day of summer!"

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Maternity Belly Support Tanktop

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Thank you so much for posting this! I really do love my tank and appreciate how intentional you all are on creating something so perfect for the pregnant woman’s body. This tank supports and relieves pain like no other :)

Thank you so much for posting this! I really do love my tank and appreciate how intentional you all are on creating something so perfect for the pregnant woman’s body. This tank supports and relieves pain like no other :)

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