From Playroom to Boardroom // How BLANQI Began

Born from a simple need,
It began with a simple conversation between best friends Sabina Melarti and Valerie Caron – on the playground with their one-year olds, Sabina pregnant with her second, they shared their stories of frustration by the nonexistence of chic and practical support garments and the lack of support for the after-baby body.  The only items available on the market were bulky and incredibly uncomfortable Velcro contraptions that  you wouldn’t dare leave the house wearing, shapewear that squeezed too tightly,  and activewear that wasn’t made with a baby bump or jiggly post-baby belly in mind.  Due to this, they had both combined different items in their closets to create a makeshift garment that would fulfill their needs.
If they both needed this, they reasoned, surely other women did as well.
And so, from sourcing manufacturers, to writing a patent, to creating a brand identity, to forming a Fortune 500-filled advisory board, the BLANQI brand came to be. Since then, they've disrupted the maternity and nursing industry with must-have products for new and expecting moms offering Maternity Belly Support Leggings and Tanktops as well as a recently launched Postpartum + Nursing collection featuring Lift-Up and Pull-Down tanktops. The perfect pieces to accentuate, support and carry your ever-growing bump along with postpartum options you can grab straight from your hospital bag that carries you for the rest of motherhood. Because once postpartum, always postpartum!

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