Farewell Summer


It's fair to say summer has come to a close as temperatures drop and things begin to cool down. Leaves are changing, kiddos are back in school and mama's are prepping for the holidays and all the outdoor activities with their families. Summer was an incredible season here at BLANQI so let's recap some favorite moments!
Blog re-launch happened in July
Something we've been planning and setting up for quite a while. We've been striving to create a space that was easy to access with resources, information, inspiration and fun articles a mama can connect with daily to get some time in reading and gaining insight. We love having some contributors on board and are planning a ton of fun series throughout fall and winter. Stay tuned!
Postpartum + Nursing Collection Launch in August
You'll all been asking and we've been planning, creating and getting the beloved Postpartum + Nursing Collection into fruition! It secures and smooths those challenge areas, creates a modest nursing opportunity and makes life with your baby, just a little bit easier.
Valerie's Pregnancy Announcement in August
Can you believe Valerie is having her 5th baby? We are counting down meeting the newest BLANQI team member but until that day comes, Valerie will be sharing all about her pregnancy journey with cravings, challenges, how she's prepping and ways she's wearing BLANQI everyday with each of you! Stay tuned for a calendar we're getting ready with dates you can expect to see her jumping on Facebook Live for behind the scenes and a little #BLANQIbabybump date.
We have incredible things in store for the holiday season and will be sharing more often throughout emails and social media. Make sure you're following along and subscribed! Cheers to Summer 2017- you were a good one!

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