Can't Eat Because of Nausea, Nauseous Because I Can't Eat

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Between pregnancy nausea and cravings, us mamas are either unable to keep things down or we're starving and inhaling the most bizarre foods we're craving, or what we like to say "baby is craving". Our co-founder, Valerie, is experiencing some pretty hilarious cravings so let's chat, shall we?
Valerie's Current Pregnancy Cravings
  1. tuna with celery -the pregnancy-safe brand that is like $4 a can, naturally!
  2. Ruben sandwich with sauerkraut -craving from a favorite dive bar in NYC, but no luck
  3. bread and butter pickles -the farm kind, like the big boys
  4. lemonade -diluted with water
  5. chips and guacamole -no tomato anything!
  6. coleslaw -I could eat like 5 lbs of this stuff
  7. potato salad -only the kind with hard boiled egg
  8. baked potatoes -salt only
  9. shrimp toast from IKEA -craving this..need an excuse to go to IKEA!
  10. hamburgers -no brainer, all day everyday, especially like at 11pm when everything is closed

What are some of your pregnancy cravings that were less than normal? Truthfully, we go through so much as mamas though when carrying our little ones to after delivery and living on edge making sure they're safe, nurtured and cared for. Taking care of yourself is such a huge priority when pregnant so if you're experiencing some serious morning sickness, check out this post we shared about ways to stay hydrated! If you develop any advanced symptoms of dehydration, such as dizziness or fatigue, you should call your obstetrician’s office to schedule a visit or talk to a nurse. Thankfully, the vast majority of women experience typical morning sickness symptoms that suddenly end about halfway through the pregnancy. You’ll get a break and hopefully, feel back to normal in no time!

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