4 Ways Our Maternity Tanktop Works + Helps You Feel Great!

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When creating the BLANQI Maternity Belly Support Tanktop, we had key features in mind we wanted mamas to feel and love about this product. We know how hard pregnancy can be on your body and our goal has always been to help alleviate pain and discomfort while holding you securely and comfortably. Here are 4 ways our maternity tanks work to do just that!
graduated compression for targeted seamless support
Graduated degrees of compression, united with a knit-in anchor, reinforces lift and redistributes weight for supreme all-day relief and comfort. The result is the most advanced reactive support garment available. Pains and strains are a thing of the past, with a bonus: a smooth and beautifully curved bump.
Integrated Support Band for Unparalleled Lift and Support
Our dynamic, built-in belly support band provides abdominal lift and support, alleviating baby weight and reducing stress on the lower back. Cutting-edge seamless design is applied for lightweight comfort you’ll want to live in.
X-shaped back reinforcement to minimize back discomfort
Revolutionary X-shaped back support encourages good posture, keeping you motivated and energized. Powerful support and seamless design combine to be your invisible ally against pain and discomfort.
Responsive belly panel grows and moves with you.
With ultimate flexibility, the over-the-belly stretch panel provides strategically placed compression and stretch areas. Soft to the touch and designed to grow with you all the way to D-day.

blanqi maternity belly support tanktop


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