Fall Mood Board // Craving Emerald

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It's cooling off, we're bundling in cozy sweaters, cooking decadent soups and fully embracing moody, deep tones as the season changes. Pinterest is a place we spend time finding inspiration, beautiful imagery, content that speaks to us and a place to share our style in a more tangible way. Lately, we're craving all the smoldering emerald tones we're finding over there and had to show a little mood board we're quite fond of during the Fall season. Whether it's these stunning emerald tones, deep plum, cranberry or rust, we're drawn towards how they can completely enhance home decor, clothing styles and photography with an almost mysterious vibe. When dressing for Fall, pair BLANQI Highwaist Postpartum + Nursing Support Leggings with a loose emerald cardigan and low messy bun for a effortless, chic look. Or tailor your maternity style with our maternity leggings and Maternity Belly Support Tanktop in black with a neutral tunic, emerald scarf and caramel toned booties. Below, Nadya makes hitting the gym look cool and classic in deep tones sporting BLANQI Supportwear. Whatever the occasion, we're jumping on board with the colors of Fall being a statement piece.
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