by BLANQI September 27, 2017

When girls wear BLANQI and love the product, we burst inside and can't wait to share with you! What better way to learn about a brand and the product first hand from mama's who wear it, talk about it and love it?! Always & Forever Alex shared her thoughts on BLANQI Postpartum + Nursing Support Leggings and Tanktop recently so we're sharing here too...
" Figuring out what to wear after having a baby can be difficult; your body has changed, nothing fits the same, and if you're nursing, you need to wear easily accessible tops. After having Lively, I wore athletic shorts, big t-shirts, and leggings for the longest time (actually, I still do most days!). But I just discovered the most comfortable and practical  postpartum leggings  and  nursing tank  from  BLANQI ! I love them because they're perfect for working out (what better motivation to exercise than new workout clothes?!), but they can also be dressed up! My favorite part about the leggings (aside from how comfy and supportive they are) is that they are opaque, so they're not sheer/see-through like so many leggings I've tried on. They are highwaisted, so they gently hold that postpartum belly in place, making you feel more comfortable and confident. The  pull-down postpartum + nursing support tank top makes breastfeeding so easy and secures this mama's belly. All mamas and mamas-to-be... you're going to love BLANQI's products! They also have maternity leggings and tank tops, so I'm for sure going to get those when I have our next baby someday. Becoming a mom is the most beautiful thing, and we should be proud of all our bodies are capable of (growing and delivering a baby is a miracle and such a big deal!), regardless of what we're wearing. But, let me tell you, these comfy leggings and tank top will help you feel your best and be inspired to be the healthiest version of yourself. Always and forever,


Alex, you're so sweet for sharing your love for BLANQI! Congratulations on your sweet bundle of love and enjoy the support in your BLANQI leggings and tanktop!


highwaist postpartum + nursing support leggings


pull-down postpartum + nursing support tanktop


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