6 Simple Steps to Wearing Non Maternity Clothes During Pregnancy

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You love the clothes you wore before becoming pregnant, so why stop wearing them now?  As much as we embrace pregnancy and the changes that come along with it, venturing into the maternity section at your favorite department store can be overwhelming.  You're changing, but your style isn't.  Here are five simple steps that helped us extend our non-maternity wardrobe.


Short dresses?  Wear them as tunics paired with leggings or tanks! That's especially perfect if they're made out of stretchy material as they'll hug your curves beautifully


His shirt.  Oversized is your best friend during pregnancy.  Wear something fitting on the bottom for a chic and modern look, or pair with his jeans, and roll them up for an instant (and comfy) boyfriend look. Pull one of your favorite oversized flannels with our maternity tank and belly support leggings to feel collected and together while out and about.

No need to purchase maternity jeans when you'll only have a short period of time wearing them. The BLANQI Built-In Support BellyBand makes for an easy transition when moving through sizes laying perfect over jeans in those early months keeping your pants in place and giving you pant suspension. It doubles as a great tool postpartum when turning it around to help smooth and lightly compress your tummy after baby while offering discreet nursing sessions.

Maxi skirts.  That long skirt that drags on the floor when you wear it under the belly? Try wearing it over your belly instead and pair with a cami for an oh-so-cute boho getup. Or pull a favorite graphic tee you have lying around, tie it up over your bump with your maxi making you look stylish and effortless.


The BLANQI Maternity Belly Support Tanktop.  A 3-in-1 transitioning tool, and a must-have in every mama-to-be's closet.  So what does it do?  Lifts and supports the belly, smooths you out and keeps everything in, and holds up your unbuttoned pre-pregnancy bottoms.  Top it off with you favorite shirt and you're golden! We also love this tank pairs with a chunk cardigan during the cooler months and a great bootie.

Skinny belts.  Buckle between the bust and belly for a cute empire silhouette.  If traditional belts are too restrictive, try using a stretchy ribbon instead.

The BLANQI Maternity Supportwear Tank Video

It doesn't get any easier than that, and let's face it, pregnancy is hard enough, so don't complicate your wardrobe!


BLANQI maternity Belly support tanktop


Maternity built-in support bellyband

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