by Abby Criteo April 12, 2019

As your pregnancy progresses and your belly starts to hide your feet from view, exercising  might  begin  to lose its appeal . And if you don't have the right workout  gear , it  can   be  downright uncomfortable. Before you  throw in the towel , try BLANQI's game-changing maternity activewear.  Supreme support and not a jiggly bit in sight !   Confession:  When I was pregnant with my first daughter,  I was one of those annoying  # pregfitmoms  who exercised until the day I gave birth.  I bounced around perkily to the most  advanced  pregnancy fitness DVDs I could find, I  pretzeled myself into all the yoga positions that were deemed safe during pregnancy,  and I walked  every where     If I'd met that  sprightly version of  m yself  when I was pregnant with twins  the second time around , I probably would've wanted to deck her  (the hormones did make me a  tad   angrier  than usual) . From the moment those two pink lines appeared, I felt   sooooooo   nauseous  and  sooooooo  exhausted. I could barely walk to the corner, let alone  do  a single  lunge or  leg lift. Toward the end, my belly was so big that I spent most of my time reclining on the couch like a beached whale . What was exercise? I couldn't even remember.     have to  wonder  whether  things would've been different  if I'd  known about BLANQI. During both my pregnancies , I was completely clueless about the existence of maternity activewear. I bought a good maternity sports bra   to strap my giant boobs down as I  fl ounced around  during my “perky pregnancy” , but I didn't know that there were other garments designed to  make pregnancy workouts  more comfortable and enjoyable.  If I'm honest exercising was quite uncomfortable during the second half of my first pregnancy . But I was so determined to stick to it that I accepted  the discomfort  as  a necessary evil .   I was wrong. Exercising during pregnancy can feel utterly amazing! Just ask any of the  # fitnpregnant  moms  who wear BLANQI's  maternity  supportwear  throughout their pregnancies.  Here's what they have to say about their favorite  items.   Sportsupport Maternity Support Crossback Tank   "I am 29 weeks pregnant and this tank is making all the difference during my sporting endeavours - skiing, running, hiking, gym and yoga. The belly and back support feels amazing and the design and material are super comfortable not to mention flattering. This is my first blanqi purchase and I am super happy. Looking forward to this tank helping to keep me active right through my pregnancy." ~Claire     Active mamas can't get enough of  this tank . A new addition to the beloved SportSupport collection, the Maternity Crossback Belly Support Tanktop is tailored for exercise, yet soft enough for every day. Taking cues from the Everyday Support Tank with the same genius X-shaped back reinforcement, this athletically-minded iteration has been reimagined in a shorter length than its predecessor. Sporty, cross-back straps hug your bod in all the right places, while chest and belly panels offer breathable comfort and moisture management. Sportsupport Hipster Cuffed or Contoured Leggings   "I am 1 year postpartum from a c section and gallbladder removal surgery. I was a medium in the nursing leggings and large these athletic line ones. I had to exchange and size down. I have lost so much weight. But these fit like a glove. So soft and sooo comfy I literally live in these leggings. Buy them. It's worth every penny!! You wont regret it." ~Ayla These hybrid leggings blend signature seam-free construction with workout-worthy design, featuring a two-ply comfort waistband that targets the midsection for secure support. Varying degrees of compression are built in to the design details for structure and support, camouflaging your body's lumps and bumps.

By: Sabrina Rogers-Anderson  

Abby Criteo
Abby Criteo

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