What to Wear When You are Pregnant and Plus-Size

We all know trying on pregnancy clothes can be downright rude to our bodies and psyche for that matter. That lovely day is always closer than we think- the one where we put on those favorite jeans of ours, with our breath held and eyes closed tight; only to find out we have walked the threshold to the maternity side! Before the "WTH'"s are shouted, you can say no to those button popping moments, especially if you cross the right supportwear for your ever-evolving body shape. Lets take pride in ourselves as we carry those sweet babes and get some encouragement from a well-loved mama in the BLANQI community named Shelley as she shares her journey from pre-pregnancy to post-partum motherhood and everything in between. So, sit back (yeah! right!), relax (is that a verb?) and enjoy a quick read.  

What is the hardest obstacle you have faced with your body changing and maternity wear options as you find the right fit for your needs in the pre and post-partum stages?

Oh, man, it  was so difficult to find plus size maternity clothes and options! I am a middle school science teacher and I need comfortable, professional, supportive clothes so that I am able to stand all day and get around during labs. Pre pregnancy I wore a size 16 pants (sometimes 18) and a 1x top. There are plenty of stores that carry fashionable, plus size clothes; but very few carry plus size maternity clothes. And support wear? Forget it! Postpartum has been a struggle also. I went back to work 7 weeks post partum and I needed professional clothes again. Listen, my body is awesome. It created this beautiful little girl and it continues to nourish her. It's amazing. But, I need some pants that fit around the waist and in the thighs. It seems that the size of my waits is 2 sizes larger than the size of my legs. What's the deal, body?

Can you share what (it) is that you love about BLANQI's support tanktop?

Oh. My. Gosh! My life changed over night when my BLANQI support tank came in the mail when I was pregnant. I am not ashamed to say that I wore it almost every day for my entire pregnancy. The support tank made it a little easier to find professional clothes because it smoothed everything out, kept my boobs and belly where they were supposed to be and helped take the pressure off my back. As a teacher, I am usually standing close to 7 hours a day. I taught right up to the day I went into labor. I truly don't think I could have done it without the support tank top. Now, I wear a BLANQI's support nursing tank top! It allows me to just pull the tank down and nurse, which keeps my mid-section covered. Evie (my daughter) was born in December, so when I was home with her, it was nice to have to expose my mid-section every time I nursed because it was cold. Now, that I am back at work, I love the nursing tank because it fits this new body that I have and I feel less exposed when I pump. Of course, I pump privately; but it feels so strange to expose to much at work! My other tanks don't allow me to pull them down without getting all stretched out!

Who is the biggest support in your life?

My mom and husband are the biggest supports in my life. Now that I have my own daughter, I am so thankful to have my mom to call up with a million questions. She is always there to help out...Even if I call her crying because I just need her to hold the baby so I can take a nap. My husband is a great dad and he would do anything for Evie. He is always trying to find ways to support me in everything I do, at home or at work. How was your pregnancy and then delivery? Was it what you expected? Any challenges? First trimester of pregnancy was NOT what I expected. For me, this was the worst part. I felt horribly sick and tired and no one knew that I was pregnant! I felt like a bad teacher and bad friend. For my next pregnancy, I am bucking tradition and I'm going to tell whoever I want that I am pregnant so they understand why I'm crabby. The 2nd trimester and 3rd trimesters were much better for me. My energy returned and I was no longer feeling sick. I expected delivering the baby to be difficult and it was. I got an epidural; but I still had very painful contractions until the epidural was placed (6.5 hours until it was placed) and pushing was painful even though I had the epidural. After 3 hours of pushing, they needed to use a vacuum to keep Evie from slipping back between contractions. Honestly, it was a fairly traumatic experience! But, Evie is the best and I can't wait to have more kids! Any "motherly" advice for those soon-to-be first time mamas? Nothing is as bad as they say it is.  You WILL sleep again, you WILL have time for friends, you WILL feel like yourself (eventually).  Having a baby is way more fun than I ever thought possible.  Find the type of mother that you are and flourish!

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