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You relied on your bestie to pick you up when you felt down throughout your pregnancy, so wouldn’t you feel peeved if she dropped you like a hot cake as soon as you popped out your baby? If the answer is yes, ask yourself why you accept the same harsh treatment from your clothes… Were you as shocked as I was when you caught your first glimpse of your post-baby body in the unflattering lights of the hospital bathroom? Eek! My formerly tight belly was saggy and bloated, the lumps and bumps that had been endearing on my pregnant body suddenly weren’t so cute anymore, and I couldn’t help but regret the nightly chocolate addiction I’d developed over the past nine months. Pull Down Postpartum + Nursing Support Tanktop If you’ve yet to experience such an unsettling moment, don’t panic – this awkward stage doesn’t last very long. Your uterus will soon shrink back to its normal size and bring your stretched-out tummy with it. You’ll lose the water weight you’ve been carrying around and your body will slowly return to its original shape and size (almost). Even your face will stop looking like a small planet. Hooray! While all this is happening, you’ll be too deeply absorbed in the magic (and exhaustion!) of the newborn period to care much about how you look anyway. You’ll probably still be in awe of the fact that your body was able to create this tiny little being and, if you’re breastfeeding, to nourish it too. It’s a humbling experience and you may be grateful for the imperfections and battle scars that are a testament to the miracle of life. Pull Down Postpartum + Nursing Support Tanktop The only time you might not appreciate your child-bearing loins so much is when you’re trying to find something half-decent in your closet to stretch over them in the morning – especially if you’re actually leaving the house and meeting other humans that day. The ratty old leggings that have been your uniform for the past two months seem to magnify all your imperfections and every top you own squeezes you in all the most embarrassing and uncomfortable places. Not to mention that your boobs keep trying to pop out! Sigh… Before you fall into a crying heap, I have some fantastic news: postpartum supportwear is a thing and it’s the solution to all your problems. The BLANQI girls felt your pain, so they developed a range of postpartum clothes that will suck you in, boost you up and smooth all your lumps without ever making you feel restricted or constricted. You’ll look and feel so amazing that you’ll wish you could wear #blanqi4eva. Hey, nobody said you couldn’t….   Postpartum support clothes for all your needs If you want in on some of this confidence-boosting action, BLANQI’s got you covered from head to toe. Pull Down Postpartum + Nursing Support Tanktop The Pull-down Postpartum + Nursing Support Tanktop is an absolute must-have in your post-baby wardrobe. The luxurious microfiber fabric looks so fantastic that you won’t feel the need to hide it under another top – you can just throw it on and go. And when you do, you’ll feel instantly supported from all angles. The 360-degree seamless support smooths all those lumps and bumps while the X-shaped back support eases any lower back pain you may have developed during pregnancy. The multiple layers of compression on your belly also help you to re-engage your weakened core muscles without squeezing you in the wrong places or causing any discomfort. When it’s time to nurse your little one, simply pull down the tank for an easy and comfortable feeding experience. It’s a good thing it comes in two colors because you’ll want to wear it every single day. If you prefer a layering piece that offers extra bust lift, the Lift-up Access Underbust Postpartum + Nursing Support Tank is for you. Providing all the same support and compression features as the Pull-Down Support Tank, it features an open-bust design that allows effortless breastfeeding at home or on the go. Throw your favorite T-shirt or flowing top over it for everyday wear, or pair it with a sports bra for those active days with your little one. The moisture-wicking fabric will keep you cool and dry whether you’re trying to breastfeed at a café or keep up with the instructor during a mommy-and-me fitness class. Pull Down Postpartum + Nursing Support Tanktop   Last but certainly not least, the Highwaist Postpartum + Nursing Support Leggings provide all the support you need from the bottom up. Not only does their graduated compression technology create a smooth and sexy silhouette as soon as you slip them on, they provide the same lower back and core support as the Support Tanks thanks to their extra-high-waist design. They look so good that even your friends who haven’t had babies recently will want to know where you got them! Looking for the perfect T-shirt to pair with your Support Tank and Leggings? Our Motherhood is My Muse Tunic Tee will take you from play date to coffee date in style. Post-baby look – sorted!


Sabrina Rogers-Anderson


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