Bringing Home Baby Silas: Must-Haves that Make this Mom-Life Less Hard

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We (at BLANQI) get asked all the time what our products look like on a non-model mom. So here I am, not a model, one month postpartum, 20lbs heavier than I was 9 months ago, sleep-deprived, semi-flat ironed dirty hair, baby spit up on my shoulder; but loving every crazy minute of it and wearing my BLANQI tank. It’s been survival mode for me. No lie, going from four to five kids has been intense. The trauma of Silas’s birth (here) and adjusting to the NICU life was unexpected and I’m still adjusting to it all. Which is why my never-ending laundry pile has taken over an entire room, I’M BOMBING out on all the springtime Teacher appreciation events and I have no idea what I’m making for dinner tonight.   Have I gotten real enough yet?   Motherhood is hard. We all know it, yet we all are shocked when the suffering hits too close to  home. Let’s take the HOME for example: Am I disappointed my nursery is still not done (reference laundry pile above) or my kids still do not take their shoes off when they get home from soccer practice?! Yes. It’s exhausting and never-ending. I keep putting more on my to-do list than humanly possible and then totally disappointed when it doesn’t get done in a day. And newborns. They poop, eat, sleep and snuggle. Which is enough to have me legit hormonal sobbing about how cute Silas is, but then I’m stressed. Stressed  if he is gaining weight fast enough. Stressed that it was my fault he was born seven-weeks early. Stressed that I can’t breastfeed this time around. Stressed that he is growing up too fast and I’m missing out on this precious time because I’m so stressed. HAHAHA. So here are some things I’ve found to make it easier to succeed one-month postpartum in motherhood this time around without losing my mind,   My BLANQI Pull-down Postpartum + Nursing Support Tanktop- because nothing fits. Now that I’ve packed away my maternity support (*tears*) I have a closet full of non-maternity clothing that does not fit. I don’t know why after 5 kids I still have not gotten this through my head, but my body does not magically go back to my pre-pregnancy weight moments after delivery. The baby weight doesn’t stay on forever, but trying on my size 4 jeans with a one-month old is never a good idea for my emotional well-being, ha. So, I’m wearing these tanktops under and alone with everything from leggings to (unbuttoned) jeans. I’m semi-pumping, so the Pull-Down Tanktop makes that easier to keep my belly covered and feeling a bit more ‘held in’ then it really is. It’s not tight like shapewear, so it won’t squeeze you super tight, but it will help smooth everything out for everyday support. I had some amazing friends create a meal registry for me, which was a huge life-saver. Believe it or not, I never had that ever done for me and now I feel obligated for life to bring a meal to every new mama who gives birth. It was that amazing.   There is a reason why the Dockatot is one of the top baby registry items EVER. I used this non-stop with Lily and it’s already in major use with Silas. When I work from home I just pop him in the Dockatot and he sleeps much better- which has helped him sleep longer than short, 15 minute cat-naps he was trending there for a while. I have no regrets on this purchase and always highly recommend this on baby registries.   Side note: Lily pretty much freaked out when ‘her’ dockatot got passed down so I got this one recently and it’s been a lifesaver for toddler sleep. A new mattress. This sounds kinda crazy, but this would be my number 1 thing to buy after having a baby if yours is in need of replacing. A good night sleep has become a new parent joke, but it doesn’t have to be. While a new mattress is not going to help with nighttime diaper changes and feedings, it will help you relax and get a good night sleep- even if only a couple hours at a time. I wish we would have done this 3 kids ago, but my husband came home from a 6 day work trip and I was like ‘Don’t do anything until you order us a King sized mattress’, which is what any good hubby does when his postpartum wifey asks for anything. haha. It’s easier than ever to order a Tuft & Needle mattress online and it’s instant heaven delivered to your door. I never drink enough water when pregnant- and even less when I’m postpartum- which is why it has helped to have an inventory of reusable water bottles in my kitchen that I fill up every morning. I just leave them around the house with my diapers + wipes, and drink at every diaper change. Simple but so worth it in preventing headaches and keeping up a milk supply if breastfeeding. I have a couple BKR water bottles and really like them.

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