First Ever Nursing Leggings // "These are a Postpartum Dream Ladies, Swearsies."

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"We made our first big venture out of the house today and it was both kind of crazy AND not as bad as I thought it would be 😁 

I still have no idea what I'm doing, but I'm slowly getting the hang of this 3 kids thing... 

Oh, and it's entirely embarrassing how much I've been

wearing  these BLANQI Highwaist Postpartum + Nursing Support Leggings since I had the babe 🙈...

(I'm talking legit every day) but they are a postpartum dream ladies, swearsies."


"Had our first outing today at 4 days old. 💕 Our kids have been with Grandma + Grandpa Allen once we got out of the hospital so they haven't spent that much time with their new brother! We just picked them up though, so now the fun begins 😁 Wish us luck! #outnumbered #prayforus

BLANQI Girl // Morgan Allen 


BLANQI invented the first ever nursing legging. We get asked all the time, "What exactly IS a nursing legging??" You've heard of nursing tanks, but these are the gamechangers. Think a higher than normal waist with knit-in core support, that won't roll down, which make you feel smooth, secure and supported all day long. They are the only leggings that actually go up high enough to make you feel secure and confident after having a baby and they don't slide down off of your stomach. They are perfect for everyday wear and make breastfeeding or pumping a whole lot easier.

Support tip: Just lift up shirt, breastfeed your babe (or pump!!) and your tummy stays covered. #gamechanger

Perfect for Postpartum // C-section Recovery // Easy Breastfeeding // Motherhood

These are the leggings that will give you life. How can something so simple be so life-changing? It's because they are the true hybrid legging for the hybrid mom. They do double duty from baby's day in to girl's night out. Switch tops and you're out the door.

(Since, let's be honest, none of your girlfriend mamas showered either. 😉)

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