“Holy-game-changer” // Maternity Underbust Support tank

“Holy-game-changer” // Maternity Underbust Support tank

“My body responds to pregnancy like a grandma. My back aches because when my entire core is not strong, I’m a hot mess in that department. My knees hurt. My thighs grow big and I just generally don’t feel like myself. It’s all OK, because I know what my body is doing is good and wonderful. But it certainly helps to have articles of clothing that are A) Easy and Functional B) Ease the ache and pains.

When I discovered the maternity supportwear at Blanqi I am pretty sure I did a little happy dance. Their stuff looked amazing, people raved about it, and I was dying to get my hands on some Belly Support Leggings. I was lucky enough to also try out the UnderBust Belly Support Tank and holy-game-changer.

Don’t freak out–but you’re gonna see my sports bra. I know, I know. I thought the under bust thing would be super weird and uncomfortable, but it is totally the opposite, in fact it lifts and perks the girls up in a way that’s actually quite flattering (when I’m wearing a normal bra). Obviously, you wear this little gem underneath your clothing…This sucker has a built in support band that helps my back issues significantly. I used this while we traveled the coast and walked all those miles, and I truly think it’s one of the reasons I survived”

We love hearing your experiences and how our supportwear has helped!  Leave a comment below – we’d love to hear your story!

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