25 Ways to Wear BLANQI Highwaist Postpartum + Nursing Support Leggings

When designing BLANQI Highwaist Postpartum + Nursing Support leggings, they were designed for a Motherhood Marathon! Not just a hospital bag essential, these leggings will see you throughout the life-long marathon of being a mother. Incredibly versatile being the ultimate pair of `classic black leggings’ that every new mama needs! As the first ever nursing leggings on the market, mamas will appreciate the discretion the extra high-rise fit affords—your little one might be wiggling but your tummy won’t be. Plus breathable fabric that wicks away sweat makes these the go-to gear for those post-baby workouts + Starbucks run.  🏃 Pre-access the BLANQI Black Friday sale and snag a pair of these bad boys at 50% off - while inventory lasts!!! See 25 ways some of our BLANQIgirls are wearing their Postpartum + Nursing leggings:


"Right after my baby was born, my insides felt tender and I would get mild contractions whenever I was nursing. Wearing my blanqi Leggings kept everything feeling like it was together, and the pressure lessened the pain of the post-birth contractions. Plus it felt sooo much gentler than the waist trainers I wore after my first son!"


"It's a fact. Women's bodies change after having a baby. We can eat healthy and workout, but as the old saying goes, "it took 9 months for your body to get that way..." BLANQI's are a postpartum wardrobe essential. They smooth things out, offer comfortable compression and keep me SNATCHED! And what fitting name for the brand - they've been a "security blanket" of sorts for me."



"When BLANQI says their product is designed for bodies Motherhood Made, it couldn't be more true! Coming from a mama of three, it's never an easy adjustment in those early postpartum days especially while nursing and their highwaist leggings quite literally made my life SO much easier.Discreet nursing sessions, security and comfort for my tummy and support when I need it most. Thank you BLANQI for giving me so much confidence when dressing as a mama!"


"Ladies know the struggle of always having to keep certain leggings from sliding down by constantly pulling them up. When I bought my Blanqi maternity leggings, I was in legging heaven. I could move about without having to tug & pull on them to keep them up. Now 6mths post baby, I’m still wearing them for the tummy support, they go with anything, & feel the comfiest!"




“My Blanqi nursing leggings are the perfect hug for my tummy! With having 4 kiddos in 5 years, I needed the biggest one I could get!”


"LOVE MINE sooo much! They have been my go-to wear after baby (I have a 3 week old), and has definitely simplified things so much by me not having to decide what to wear -- I wear them almost everyday! They are so comfortable, breathable, and make me feel super supported and modest. They were a gift while I was in the hospital, and one of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever received. Wish I could gift them to every pregnant friend I have! You guys are the best!"


“In pregnancy there are so many changes that go on, yet one thing I can always count on (even after 3 years and 2 pregnancies) is my BLANQI leggings having the same comfort and fit every time I put them on!”


“I’d journeyed through the experience that is postpartum twice before I discovered Blanqi, and oh how I wish I’d come across this wonderful brand earlier. Their support wear, especially the high waisted postpartum leggings have been my saviour and what I’ve lived in for the last 3 months following the birth of my daughter. Being high waisted they not only allow for discreet nursing but they provide gentle compression essential to helping me strengthen my core again. I love that I can wear clothing during these early days where I’m feeling vulnerable, that not only makes me feel good, but makes me look good too!”




"I love my BLANQI postpartum leggings because they are so soft, comfy, not at all see-through and hide everything when I need to pull up my shirt to nurse. The best leggings for pregnancy and postpartum!"


"In motherhood, there are moments that are beautiful and messy and joyous and chaotic. BLANQI has made it possible for me to feel comfortable AND stylish while living these precious fleeting moments."


"I am in love with my Blanqi leggings! I wear them ALL the time! They are so comfortable and material is amazing. Perfect for postpartum and cannot wait to wear them once I'm pregnant again (:"


"I love my BLANQI leggings not only because they are comfortable and supportive but they are long! I’m 6’ and its very difficult to find tights that are long enough, these tights have just the right amount of stretch so they stay put all day long and don’t ride up!"



“It’s taken me 3 babes + 2 c-sections to embrace this body that motherhood has given me. I never understood the value of clothes that were MADE for mama’s until I discovered Blanqi. I wish I had invested in pieces to make mamahood easier when I first had twins… comfort, easy access for breastfeeding + style, a mama’s dream!”





"BLANQI made getting dressed a no brainer 5/7 days while I was pregnant. The other 2 days were a designated wash day :) I would highly recommend these leggings to any pregnant woman. And even though I'm no longer pregnant, the high waisted nursing leggings are now a staple in my closet- they make nursing with just about any top feasible. Plus, the support around the waist after my c-section was so wonderful. Do I have to stop wearing them once I'm done nursing?? I'm gonna go with a no on that. Thank you BLANQI for these awesome leggings!"



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