Bumped by BLANQI's signature innovation, the high performance, high fashion, Bodystyler range of maternity support tops have become an absolute must-have for any fashionista with a baby bump.

Since their birth in 2009, Bumped by BLANQI Bodystylers have taken the maternity support world by storm. Using pioneering seamless technology, the sleek construction is designed to support the back while lifting the belly to help ease the pains and strains of pregnancy. Plus, it helps smooth out your growing shape to transform any unruly lumps and bulges into a beautifully curved, stunning silhouette. Helping you look gorgeous and feel amazing during all stages of pregnancy and even after!

When your center of gravity shifts, your back will let you know about it! X-shaped back anchors and lifts, distributing your pregnancy pounds and reducing stress on your body. Eases unwelcome back aches and improves posture, helping you stay active and live life, pain free.

Built-in belly support belt delivers incredible lift, helping you carry the weight of your baby. carefully crafted design eases discomfort by decreasing pressure on the pelvic floor and reducing abdominal pain. Super stretchy, velvety belly panel comfortably allows for your baby's growth without restriction. And the best part? Less belly sag equals less chance of stretchmarks.

Exceptionally detailed, highly technical, seamless design provides varying degrees of compression for ultimate stability and support. And, unlike most maternity support garments, Bumped by BLANQI bodystylers all feature performance fabric, with moisture wicking capabilities. This innovative breathable fabric draws moisture away from the body where it quickly evaporates on the surface. Meaning, whether you're working out, or simply working up a sweat lugging your little bundle of joy around, you'll stay cool, dry and comfortable.

Lunch with friends? Keeping up appearances at the office? Or braving the heels for a night out? For every occasion, Bumped by BLANQI Bodystylers provide the perfect foundation to your outfit. Smoothes the hips, back and sides for a secure and fashionable fit. Provides the perfect sleek, layering piece to wear over unbuttoned skinny jeans or leggings. Under-bust design allows you to wear your favorite, best fitting bra during each trimester. And a longer bottom band replaces flimsy belly bands by holding up your pre-pregnancy and loose fit pants.