Seeking a one-size fits all gift? A BLANQI gift card will support the hardworking momma in your life no matter the stage of motherhood. Whether working overtime to grow a new bundle of joy, enduring sleepless nights of midnight feedings, or navigating preschool pick-up lines, gift cards help ease the stress on her body by delivering support where she needs it most. 

Gift cards never expire and are easy to use. Simply enter the gift card redemption code at check out to use its value toward the purchase of any item on No need to use it all at once - gift cards can be used toward multiple purchases, as long as there is still a balance on the card. If your gift card is associated with your customer account, simply check the balance using the link in the gift card email. If your gift card is not associated with your account, contact BLANQI Customer Care and we will be happy to check on your balance for you! 

This is an e-gift card and will be delivered electronically to the email address associated with the order. Use the printable PDF form to create a physical gift card for the gift receiver. The gift receiver will simply need the 16 digit redemption code from your gift card email to be able to use the gift card for purchases. Gift cards cannot be reloaded and may not be used to purchase additional gift cards.