The Best Baby Books | Real Reads From Real Mamas

The Best Baby Books | Real Reads From Real Mamas

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There’s a lot to learn once you find out you’re expecting. Not to mention, a gazillion different books on pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum care. Take it from modern mamas who have been there themselves. We’ve rounded up some of the best-loved books on the market.


Madison | Pregnancy, Childbirth, and The Newborn: The Complete Guide

@maddieskinx found comfort in this informative book during a time when she wasn’t even sure what questions to be asking.

“I was a young mom, and I didn’t know what questions to look up online or what questions to even think of during my first pregnancy. I did some searching and found a book called Pregnancy, Childbirth, and The Newborn: The Complete Guide on Amazon. This was my life saver! The plethora of information you’d never think of along with the overall comforting tone of the book reeled me in and helped me to feel confident during my pregnancy. It’s a very inclusive and informative book and It’s one of my top recommendations for new/soon to be mamas.”


Ashley | What to Expect When You’re Expecting and Baby’s Best Chance

Mother of three, @ashmmmac is huge fan of two timeless classics. Both books provide an amazing overview without being too “hippy dippy.”

My favorite pregnancy books were “What to expect when you’re expecting” and “Baby’s Best Chance” (which you can also get in PDF form). During my first pregnancy, I read EVERYTHING. I did so much research… I just wanted to know it all! I found both books to be very clear and informative without being scary or too hippy dippy! I also loved having that quintessential pregnant moment: sitting in my rocking chair with WTEWYE rubbing my belly and planning for my future.


Kezzy | Nurture, Mindful Pregnancy and The Wonder Weeks

Taking a mindful approach to modern pregnancy, @champagne.kezzy tapped into a trio of reads, covering everything from baby’s weekly development to better yoga practices.

My three favorite books while I was pregnant was Nuture, a modern guide to pregnancy, birth, early motherhood - and trusting yourself and your body. The second one was Mindful Pregnancy and the third was The Wonder Weeks. Both Nuture and Mindful Pregnancy helped me to understand my body and what was happening. They provided helpful breathing, stretching and yoga practices to work through the discomfort during pregnancy. These books also helped me to not feel overwhelmed about childbirth and the pain that would occur. I was confident in what my body could do to bring my beautiful babies into the world. The Wonder Weeks is a great book for during motherhood when you want to know what is happening with your baby’s development. It helps you work through sleep regressions and other hard times during the first years!


Taylor | The First Forty Days and Eat to Feed

Continually challenged by breastfeeding, mama of three @taylorbrummer found solace in the nourishing words of these two food-based books.

“When you first find out you’re pregnant it’s so exciting, but you also may feel like there is a ton to learn! There’s a lot of books out there with great info and I’ve read some of them. Personally breastfeeding was my biggest challenge and after 3 kids that I’ve exclusively nursed I’ve found that it is so important to have the proper postpartum care and nourishment. For pregnant mamas planning on nursing, I recommend a good cookbook aimed for nourishing postpartum women. I love “The First Forty Days” “Eat to Feed” or @nourishherdoula online cookbook!”

Take it from the experts. The next time you curl up in your rocking chair for that classic maternity moment, turn to these helpful guides to lead you through your journey. No one book is better than the other, but we hope you find the one that speaks to you




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