Every Day Black Leggings for Working Out, In, or Not.

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I think the first year after I had my son I wore workout clothes everyday. If I took a shower, put on leggings and brushed my hair, I felt like I had it together.  Black leggings had become my right of passage into motherhood. The stereotypical black leggings that regardless if I made it to the gym or not, justified my messy top knot and lack of makeup. I know I’m not alone on this one! I see you mamas, at the park and on the playground. In the preschool carline and after-school soccer field drop off. You’re doing your best to make it through the day, because hello motherhood. If we’re not laughing, we are crying and black leggings actually make it better. They make it so that it’s one less thing to worry about when we wake up, look in the closet and determine that nothing fits the way we want it to, except our black leggings. When we are exhausted from a long night of sick kids and Netflix binging, we grab our black leggings. When we are determined to start losing the baby weight after baby is, say 4 years old, we rely on our favorite black leggings. And don’t even act like they don’t make a mental difference. Nobody has walked into the gym wearing jeans and actually worked out. If I look like I belong in the gym, then I’m ready to actually make it into the gym. So here are the black leggings that are made for everyday workouts, or just wearing them all day-everyday, no workout required.



These postpartum leggings were designed to perform just like you and your body. The signature BLANQI microfiber has a breathable, moisture-wick finish so you can stay cool and dry, no matter what life throws at you that causes you to sweat! From low impact stretching, to high-impact running to simply running after your babes, these leggings provide incredibly comfortable support along the way.



Let’s face it being a new mother is hard enough, so why would you want to feel uncomfortable in tight compression garments that bind and constrict? These leggings with an extra high waist that stays in place and 360 of gentle mid-section support to smooth and secure your postpartum belly without restriction. Perfectly balanced compression designed to gently reawaken your core muscles and encourage good posture to energize without taking your breath away.



High-performance yarns put in the work for you, wicking away moisture to keep you cool and dry in heat, warm and secure in cold, and remarkably confident no matter what. That means a more comfortable work-out for when you work up a sweat. MULTI LAYERS OF GENTLE COMPRESSION


Multi gradient compression acts as a gentle reminder to engage your core but without squeezing the life out of you like traditional shapewear. This is key to recovering post-delivery and in your first couple months postpartum. By engaging your core muscles- think of it like your 'hugging in' your stomach muscles- your helping regain your core strength. These Postpartum + Nursing Leggings have an innovative, 360 degree, seamless support that smooths those extra lumps and bumps on the hips back and belly for an instant streamlined silhouette. So, cheers to the leggings that are with us wherever we go- Sit back, relax and shop away, ladies, you deserve it!

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