BLANQI Girls’ Guide to Baby Buggies

A good stroller is an essential piece of equipment for new moms. When you’re sleep-deprived and frazzled, the last thing you need is to fight with a clunky, heavy, hard-to-maneuver buggy that will drive you batty. Here are five top strollers that will make outings a breeze with your little one (or ones!)…   Choosing the perfect baby buggy is just like picking the right partner to have children with: you need to decide which features are most important to you and figure out whether you’re compatible before taking the plunge. If you make either of these decisions too hastily, you could face a lifetime of regret (OK, maybe just three years or so in the case of a stroller, but you get the gist!)   Do you want to be able to fold up your buggy with one easy click and lift it effortlessly into the trunk of your car like a modern-day supermom? Or do you dream of pushing around an uber-stylish stroller that will turn heads with all its bells and whistles? Perhaps you want a compact model that can follow you around the world or a versatile little number that will expand along with your family.   Fear not, mama – there’s a baby buggy out there to fit all your wants and needs. Here are five of our faves.   Best city stroller   If you live in the big smoke, you’ve probably seen (and coveted) the Baby Jogger City Mini with its compact and stylish design that allows parents to zip effortlessly along crowded city sidewalks. And now the City Mini GT comes packed with even more awesome features, including all-terrain wheels that can take you off-road, an adjustable handlebar that can be set at the right height for whoever’s pushing it, and a hand-operated parking brake located under the handlebar that’s so much more convenient than a foot brake. Just like the original City Mini, the City Mini GT is compatible with most brands of car seats and features an innovative one-hand folding system that allows you to pack away your stroller while holding your baby. Genius! But don’t let the brand name fool you: the City Mini GT isn’t a jogging stroller.   Price: $322.99. Optional accessories (such as a belly bar, child tray and parent console) are extra.   More info: Best travel stroller   Weighing just 9.5lbs and measuring 11.8" x 7" x 13.8" when folded, the gb Pockit is the smallest and most compact stroller on the market. In two easy steps, it folds into a lightweight, handbag-shaped package that can be easily stored in the overhead compartment of a plane or a train. The gb Pockit is perfect for globetrotting parents, but its ultra-compact design means that the sun canopy and storage space are small, it doesn’t come with any accessories and it can’t support a car seat. Given its very reasonable price, you may want to buy the Pockit as a second stroller.   Price: $179.99.   More info: Best jogging stroller   If you plan to run with your stroller or your family loves the great outdoors, the BOB Revolution FLEX stroller can handle any terrain you throw at it. The state-of-the-art suspension system offers a super-smooth ride for your little one and the front wheel can either swivel to handle tight turns or lock for increased stability on uneven terrain. At 28.5lbs the FLEX isn’t exactly lightweight or compact, but its generous cargo basket, sun canopy and storage pockets make up for its bulk in spades. It can even accommodate a car seat, but BOB doesn’t recommend jogging or going off-road until your baby is at least eight months old to avoid neck injuries.   Price: $449.99.   More info: Best value stroller   Want all the fancy features without the hefty price tag? The Chicco Viaro is the buggy for you. Its compact three-wheel design and one-hand fold system make it very similar to the City Mini GT – for about $125 less. The Viaro also includes a detachable child tray and adult cupholders (which cost extra with the City Mini GT), a roomier storage basket, and a free-standing design that keeps the stroller out of the dirt when it’s folded. But the Viaro only accepts Chicco KeyFit and Fit2 car seats, so this might not be the ideal choice for you if you’ve already purchased another brand of car seat.   Price: $199.99.   More info: Best convertible stroller   If you’re planning to have a second child in the future and you want one versatile buggy that will grow with your family, the Bugaboo Donkey² will rock your world. With a few easy clicks, it converts from a single stroller with expandable side luggage basket into a side-by-side double stroller that’s only 5.5 inches wider. (Expecting twins? Check out the Bugaboo Donkey² Twin.) In duo mode, the Donkey² can accommodate a bassinet or car seat and a reversible seat for your infant and toddler, and then two reversible seats as your children get older. The Donkey² doesn’t come cheap, but its versatility and first-rate quality make it worth every penny.   Price: $1429 for the mono and $1820 for the duo.   More info: Best stroller for children of different ages   Most strollers require an infant insert for newborns to lie flat, but Phil & Ted’s Dash is newborn-ready thanks to its multi-recline seat. With its supersized 26-inch seat height, you’ll love the face-to-face bonding time you get with your baby if you purchase the double kit (a second seat) and clip it in parent-facing mode. And once your little one is ready to face forward and look around, that extra elevation will give them a bird’s-eye view of the world. The best part is that the double kit also serves to convert your Dash into a double inline stroller to accommodate two children when the time comes – brilliant! Oh, and did we mention the Dash’s good looks, lightweight frame and compact, one-piece stand fold? There’s nothing you won’t love about this buggy.   Price: $549.99, plus $149.99 for the double kit.   More info: What’s your favorite stroller and why? Let us know!   The BLANQI Girls xoxo

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