by Abby Criteo April 17, 2018

Countdown is on to our once-yearly Motherhood Appreciation Month campaign!! Starting  April 21, our best-selling BLANQI Support Tanktops are 50% off for the first time ever! We wanted to show our appreciation to all mothers everywhere for all you do! xx
Here are some real comments on our @BLANQIgirls Instagram from real customers who love their BLANQI Support Tanktops!!
"Pretty sure my BLANQI support tanktop is how I made it through 12hour shifts on my feet! I worked all the way to 39+2 weeks! -Jenni
"Went and ran in it for the first time... I am in love!  💕-
"I love my 3 support tanks!! I wish I had them during my first pregnancy and post-partum!!" -Lori
"I have this...( BLANQI Support Tanktop)..and absolutely love it! Thinking of ordering another one." -Maria
"I had a lot of discomfort and back pain with my third pregnancy and this  (support tanktop) helped so much!! ...I wear it everyday under shirts, dresses, everything! " -Melinda
Abby Criteo
Abby Criteo

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