20 Ways to Wear Your Maternity Belly Support Tanktop //Motherhood Inspired

I know you all fell in love with how the Mamas' rocked it in our Pull-Down Postpartum + Nursing Support Tanktop... now, drumroll please, these maternity mamas' rocked (it) well for Motherhood Appreciation Month. Here is to another round in celebrating and highlighting our BLANQI mamas + mamas-to-be in their Maternity Belly Support Tanktop.


I have always dreamed of becoming a mother! This pregnancy has been a dream come true for me. For years I imagined what it would be like to be pregnant, and here I am! I have truly loved every single moment of my pregnancy. Don’t get me wrong though, pregnancy is no walk in the park. There’s the exhaustion, the never ending trips to the bathroom, the hormones, and the aches and pains that come with growing a new life. I’m eight and a half months along now and finding comfort has been absolutely essential. I’m totally in love with my BLANQI maternity belly support tank top and the relief it provides me! The belly and back support has been essential! As much as I love my bump, I’m thankful I no longer have to walk around trying to support it myself!



Motherhood is a heck of a lot easier when your comfortable!



Wearing my Blanqi support tank is like experiencing the perfect hug; it wraps you up in a soft gentle and support that eases all your aches and pains 😉



“When you’re running around chasing your 19 month old, all while being pregnant with the lowest sitting baby boy, you NEED extra support on the bump! This tank has been a GAME CHANGER- I don’t go a day without wearing it and don’t know how I survived my last pregnancy without it.”





I have always carried really big with my pregnancies and been self conscious of my belly showing out the bottom or just feeling like maternity tank tops I have worn in the past didn’t hold up well. I can’t say enough about the quality of my BLANQI support tank! I love how long it is so that I can cover my bum and not worry about pulling down my shirt and the support it gives to my belly is so comforting as I am in my 3rd trimester!



@tealacravy I have had the worst sciatica pain this pregnancy and I’ve tried everything from the chiropractor, to myopractor, to acupuncture, maternity belts and more and the only immediate relief I felt was in the maternity support tank!





“Motherhood is so hard, so exhausting and yet, so absolutely beautiful and magical. There is truly nothing more special to me than being a mother and having the stretch marks as my badge of honor that my body grew, stretched and changed to bring life to my babies. I am so grateful for the Blanqi Belly tank to support my changing body in every way as it held onto my sweet little ones!”



Staying active & fit during my pregnancy has always been a top priority of mine. Thanks to Blanqi support wear, not only do I have fashionable/changeable pieces that work with my growing belly, but they support me in all of the places I need so that I am comfortable throughout my pregnancy. The support tank is a staple in my maternity wardrobe!



“These pieces came recommended to me by a few Moms and while I was skeptical at first because I don’t like tight and restrictive clothing, but I was really surprised how comfortably supported I felt. They are by far my most worn maternity clothes and are perfect for daily exercise, running errands or even nights where I want to go out and look put together."



“My first pregnancy was a complete dream. This go around things have totally gotten real. I don’t know if it’s the whole second pregnancy thing or the fact that I’m carrying twins. Whatever the reason, I was really struggling with contractions at night and pain in general. Once I started wearing my Blanqi support tank those things just vanished. I feel so much more comfortable and confident.”


Xx, BLANQI girls

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