BLANQI Bodystyler, Maternity Underbust Belly Support Tank


Alleviates pressure with built-in belly support.

Smoothes the hips, back, and sides for a secure fit.

Lifts the belly and improves posture with built-in X-shaped back support.

High-performance Moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool and dry with breathable comfort.


Under-bust design allows you to wear your favorite, best fitting bra during each trimester.

Holds up unbuttoned bottoms so you can wear your pre-pregnancy clothes longer.

Secures loose maternity bottoms that you haven't grown into yet.

As your baby grows, the super stretchy, velvety smooth belly panel comfortably expands without restriction.

Patent-pending, one-of-a-kind design.


This maternity Body Styler features a seamless knit made of 90% Polyamide and 10% Elastane.

Buttery, soft touch on the inside feels luxurious against the skin.

A matte, smooth exterior prevents clothes from clinging.

Superior recovery even after being stretched out.



Engineered with our patented, multi-gradient compression, body-conforming responsive support system with 360 degrees of unrestricted range of motion.

Enjoy 360° support

Enjoy 360° support

Comprised of 4 graduated degrees of compression, the multi-plane panels lift vertically and distribute weight horizontally. Together the knit-in panels yield the most advanced reactive belly support band system available.

Take the strain
off your back

Take the strain
off your back

Knit-in X shaped back support takes the weight off your back and belly. With BLANQI, say goodbye to back and hip pain while pregnant. Feel your back supported and your abdomen secure.

Underbust design lifts the bust and allows you to wear your favorite bra.

Stretchy, velvety belly panel allows for growth without restriction.

Seamless built-in support band aleviates baby weight.

Longer bottom band replaces belly bands and holds up pre-pregnancy bottoms.

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