Get to know the BLANQI girls,
co-founders, Sabina Merlarti and
Valerie Darragh.


Uptown and downtown. Fashion and function. Day and night. BLANQI is a brand for today’s versatile, on-the-move woman — a woman who needs high performance without any compromise on style. What began as a conversation between best friends, Valerie Darragh and Sabina Melarti — as it turned out, they had both been frusterated by the nonexistence of chic and practical support garments, and so assembled their own — led to the creation of the first ever all-in-one seamless support band line of fashion-forward, supportwear. If they had both needed it, they reasoned surely other women did too. And so, from sourcing manufacturers to writing a patent, creating graphics to forming a Fortune 500-filled advisory board, the BLANQI brand came to be.


We admit we are more than a little OCD when it comes to design and fabric. We’ve worked hard to create a patent-pending, exceptionally detailed and highly technical design that makes life before pregnancy, during, and forever after easier. We’ve sourced the highest breathability and moisture-wicking performance fabric we could find, with a buttery-soft touch and amazing durability. And we’ve maufactured it with love right here in the USA. We hope you’ll love wearing your BLANQI as much as we’ve loved creating it!


1. American girl born in Chicago, has lived all over the East coast with a love for modern California houses and NYC street style.
2. Signature look – bangs.
3. Favorite way to work – I can’t sit still, so usually work standing up or pacing, listening to Pandora radio, with a To-Do list on a clipboard. ha!
4. Greatest influence – meeting Mother Teresa… amazing & profound life experience.
5. Weekend Getaway – anywhere with a spa, a comfy bed covered in pillows, hot tea and a stack of fashion magazines.
6. I obsess about – rearranging furniture. I’m always pursuing style, efficiency and function in my daily life surroundings. I’ve been doing it since I was 3, so pretty sure it’s hardwired into my temperament!

1. Born and raised in Sweden, I’m very influenced by the simplicity and functionality of the Scandinavian aesthetic, which translates into how I think of design.
2. Signature scent – Tom Ford Santal Blush mixed with Lavender Palm – it’s intoxicating!
3. Favorite book: La Casa De Los Espiritus by Isabel Allende.
4. Greatest influence – my parents. They raised me to believe that I could reach the stars and beyond.
5. Weekend Getaway – my parents’ mountain house.
6. I obsess about – pretty much everything! Sunscreen everyday for me and the kids, and making sure we all eat superfoods on a daily basis.

“Every designer has a muse, the who or what that inspires their designs. For us, it’s a lifestyle that provides the inspiration. We love to capture and share the things that energize and motivate us and share them with the Blanqi community”


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