Valerie's Top 5 Reasons Why You Need BLANQI Maternity in Your Life

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There comes a point in every pregnancy where you feel so over it. When you feel huge, swollen, cranky, hot, tired and so ready to meet your new little bambino. Maybe it hits you at week 13 when you can't button your pants, or week 41 when you're 5 days overdue, or week 34 when you can no longer bend over to put your shoes on, or week 9 when you've been throwing up non-stop for days. You may not be thinking "I need to buy a BLANQI', as perhaps you do not even know maternity and postpartum supportwear exists, but as being in the midst of my 4th pregnancy, here are my top 5 reasons why you need to pre-plan and buy a BLANQI.
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Your belly pops sometime in the 1st -2nd trimester and than suddenly nothing fits...usually the exact moment you're running late for an important work meeting or a last-minute dinner date with friends. Always. Prepare for this moment with a BLANQI on hand and save yourself some tears.
You may think you're huge, and then a couple of weeks will go by, and you'll think "what was I thinking?!? I'm so very huge now!!" You will think your belly is big and then it gets even bigger..heavier..with aches and pains. Do not underestimate the delusions your mind can make during pregnancy...even after the 2nd, 3rd and 4th baby. (I am guilty of this on a daily basis.)
You want to "look pregnant" and not just like you ate too much chips and dip the night before. This sounds superficial, I get it, but it's true. Early on I want to wear a sign that says "I am pregnant, not fat", but that is just strange and weird, so I don't. However, I wear a BLANQI which smooths out my sides, back and hips, which makes my belly look more like a babybump than a burrito bump. (clearly I have a mexican craving today) BLANQI_Maternity_Support_Tanktop+INFO copy (1)
Time as you know it becomes irrelevant during pregnancy. One minute time seems to fly by so fast that you're panicking you're going to get the crib up and hospital bag packed in time, the next minute you're on the couch devouring a gallon of ice cream crying  that this is never going to end. Sabina and I say it alllll the time, "9 months is too short for a babybump only wardrobe, but way too long to be uncomfortable."
You deserve it. If you're like us and have a hard time purchasing for yourself, think of it as you're buying for baby. A less stressed mama makes for a healthy pregnancy. You are growing a life!! A real-life living human who could potentially cure cancer, will learn to speak , become an individual with opinions and ideas, and change the world for the better. Who at only 6 weeks from arriving into your womb had a tiny heart the size of a lentil that beat 150 times per minute, who at 12 weeks has its own set of unique fingerprints, then fast forward that after only 40 weeks, you have a full-sized baby capable of loving you forever as it's mama. It's amazing, mind-blowing and emotionally incomprehensible until you've experienced it. Why not make it just that much easier on yourself?   BLANQI_Maternity_Support_BellyBand_white_info (1)

xx, Valerie

17 weeks pregnant, and feeling huge, craving mexican and wearing a BLANQI BellyBand at this very moment.


Maternity Belly Support Tanktop


Maternity Underbust Belly Support Tanktop


BLANQI BellyBand

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