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by BLANQI January 09, 2018

Packing your hospital bag is no easy feat. It's the constant dilemma of whether or not you're bringing enough or too much because not knowing how labor will go, so much is left in the air. Some air on the side of complete coverage and take all but the kitchen sink while others pack just the necessities and in instances where their stay is longer, they have people on hand to bring things here and there. As mamas ourselves behind BLANQI, we've all had some experience with what to pack in your hospital to make things more smooth, comfortable, and a little more like home while staying away from home. All you really need to worry about during that precious time is your new bundle of love, yourself recovering, and transitioning into your new life as a mama. Doing that can take up a whole slew of your time anyway so we're here to give you one tip that's a must have for your hospital bag - BLANQI Postpartum + Nursing Support leggings!
The high waist design rises to just below your bra line to smooth, secure and conceal a postpartum belly, perfect for discreet nursing, which you'll be doing a lot of those first few hours, days and weeks postpartum. It makes for the time in the hospital more modest with visitors in and out ensuring your tummy is covered and you're comfortable.
Gentle compression helps you re-engage your core but without the constriction of conventional shapewear. The last thing you want right after giving birth is any type of tightness around your tummy, yet you want something to help you feel secure and held in. Check and check!
Buttery soft, breathable, moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool, comfortable, and confident, so while you're body goes through the transition of no longer carrying a baby and holding on to extra heat, the moisture-wicking fabric keeps sweat under control.

love from a fellow BLANQI girl

“LOVE MINE sooo much! They have been my go-to wear after baby (I have a 3 week old), and has definitely simplified things so much by me not having to decide what to wear — I wear them almost everyday! They are so comfortable, breathable, and make me feel super supported and modest. They were a gift while I was in the hospital, and one of the most thoughtful gifts I've ever received. Wish I could gift them to every pregnant friend I have! You guys are the best!”

-kassie lashua

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