Because Every Mama has a Story: On the Daily with Sierra

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Because it is Motherhood Appreciation Month and we love getting to know our BLANQI mamas! This sweet mama Sierra shared some tidbits and real-life facts of what it is like on the daily in her shoes. She has two precious babes; Beau who is almost four and Leni who is seven months, and you can find her in the beautiful state of Sandy, Utah with her husband, Blake of six years. Diet coke is her "Save Me From The Crazy!" moments that we all have. Her favorite go-to meal is protein waffles. They are amazing and a great way to get their toddler to eat veggies! (toddler + veggies! GASP.)
Like every mom, we all have our guilty pleasures...Sierra's faves are Grey’s Anatomy, Friends, New Girl, Pretty Little Liars, or Vampire Diaries. She loves to run and do races throughout the year too.
One of the wildest moments she has had as a mama of two is when she was in a home goods store: "Leni’s car seat didn’t really fit in the tiny cart so she was sideways and Beau was trying to touch everything and kicking things over. I had to get some huge picture frames that didn’t fit in the cart either so I was knocking everything walking down the aisle. Beau started having a tantrum because I wouldn’t buy him a toy, like wild screaming and going crazy. I had to stop and put him in timeout right there in the store. We caused a scene but we eventually made it out alive!" What does a typical day look like for you? A typical day for us starts around 7:30. We eat breakfast and then start baths. Leni first and then Beau (it will be nice when she’s old enough to sit up and they can bathe together!) Leni usually goes down for her nap while Beau and I go in my basement and I do my workout. He loves to play while I do my BBG workout. Then Leni is up and we play a little before lunch and she’s back to sleep! While she’s napping Beau and I do puzzles and cars, or coloring, etc. Then when Leni wakes up we usually run errands or play outside depending on the day. By 6:00pm we are ready for dad to come home and spend time together as a family. Or my husband gives me a break and takes over for a while!
What about motherhood has surprised you?
I think  an unexpected revelation in motherhood I’ve had is how much our instincts kick in. We are all just learning as we parent and finding out what works and what doesn’t. But I think we need to trust our gut when it comes to our kids and how we parent them. And also give yourself grace when mom guilt kicks in. It happens to us all, but I think for the most part we are doing better than we probably think. Name the top 3 mamas you adore!
There are so many amazing ones that I love! I’d probably say Lisa Allen @lisa_allen. I love to watch her raising 4 girls. She seems like such a great mom and so fun too. Jenna Rammell @jennaskitchen is another favorite. She has 3 kids and one on the way. She just seems super down to earth and easy to relate to. And Emmy Jones @ameliahannah. We have never met but have become friends through Instagram. She is the cutest mom!
Birth story... and GO!
M​y birth story with Leni started with being induced on Monday Sep 25, 2017 around 8. I am an epidural kinda girl so once I started to get uncomfortable I asked for it. After that it was smooth sailing! My parents brought my husband In N Out which was probably the hardest part of my labor, not being able to eat it! My labors are generally quick so around 4:00 it was time to push. It only took about 3 pushes before the baby was out! We didn’t find out the gender until birth and I was convinced it was a boy. It was the best surprise of my life waiting until that moment to find out. We had to do IVF for this pregnancy so it had really been a long time coming. I was shocked when my husband told me it was a girl! She was a perfect 6 pounds 13 ounces. We did some skin to skin while I got stitched up, and then after spending a little time together with just us three we had Grandma bring in our big boy to meet his baby sister. It is easily one of the best and happiest days of my life seeing my two healthy beautiful children.
​ ​What is the hardest transition post pregnancy; adjusting to life and body?
It was so much harder to juggle two kids. I expected it, but it was even more than I imagined. Going anywhere takes forever and requires so much gear. Adjusting to a new body is always hard at first. Everything feels so foreign and stretched out! But I try my hardest not to think about my body for 6 weeks and just snuggle my new baby.

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