Ask any mama and they’ll tell you that no two birth stories are alike. Whether home birth, hospital, or hypnobirthing, every mama’s journey is different. Empowering. Overwhelming. Exhausting. No matter your experience, one thing’s for sure, childbirth is a life-altering experience that never quite goes as planned. Read on to discover four special birth stories from our BLANQI mamas.


“Ten of the most excruciating minutes I’ve ever been through and five pushes later, Walker was born. Nine pounds, twelve ounces of squishy newborn goodness. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever done, but I did it and I’m so damn proud of myself.”

Mama of four @mariwags had her first unmedicated birth - a cherished experience she recounts that she’s certain she would have “one thousand times over.”


“My husband wasn’t home. My midwife was an hour away. I had no plans for what to do with Margot. I was completely alone, and I knew this baby was coming fast.”

With no time to fill the birth tub, @Addiwolnski welcomed baby Harper at home just an hour and a half after her water broke.


“In the few moments before the second wave I paused to reach down and feel his head, for me this is a special once in lifetime moment with my babies. A moment in time when they are between worlds, and we are in this magical transition together.”

In her third pregnancy, @mamatheodebird experienced her fastest birth yet following a bittersweet pandemic pregnancy.


“After less than ten minutes of pushing, Juliette was born, and they placed her on my chest. I was in complete shock. I’d given birth 100% naturally and survived!”

Arriving three days early, @meagansmoda welcomed her second baby girl without an epidural

Welcoming new life into the world is a transcendent experience accompanied by a magic all its own. The common thread? Every mama is a warrior in her own right, no matter how their little one enters the world.


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