CLASS IS NOW IN SESSION (*GULP!) | Tips for Navigating the new Norm of Homeschooling

CLASS IS NOW IN SESSION (*GULP!) | Tips for Navigating the new Norm of Homeschooling

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I think us moms can all agree, we’ve discovered a newfound respect for our kiddo’s tireless teachers in the era of virtual classrooms. From spotty Wi-Fi to Zoom snafus, real moms share their remote schooling trials and triumphs.

SPOTLIGHT:  ALAINE MITCHELL | @raising.little.darlings 
So much for moving to the most coveted school district! Alaine dishes on how she managed to keep her two girls focused while wrangling a toddler.

When we moved from Utah to South Carolina we specifically chose where to build based on the schools. We were so excited to send the girls to The top elementary school in the state and it was right across the street from our home! 

The time came when we finally got the girls enrolled and just a few short months later The school closed due to Covid-19. Virtual learning was an adjustment , trying to keep my two girl’s focused with a toddler and still finding time to work was a challenge. 

Even though things look different this year I was excited for the girls to return to school. Karina was accepted into their Pre-school program and now all three of my girls get to go to school together.  I know the social aspect is so important to them and I’m hoping it can remain a safe place for them for the rest of the year.

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Here’s what Alli had to say about helping her three-year-old thrive amidst the chaos.

I think we can all say that within us is a fear of the unknown, but as moms what we DO with that fear is what is going to make all the difference in the world for our little ones.   

For us, homeschooling our 3 year is our only option. 

From grandparents who are high risk, to a looming Diastasis Recti repair surgery for me…like many of you, sending our boy to school this year isn’t an option.  

We can either have FEAR or FAITH through the unknown, and even though I feel so unqualified, I know I am being called to TEACH my son…and that calling isn’t lost on me! 

So like most things I do…I went ALL in, and found a way to FALL IN LOVE with the process of homeschooling. 

I am not a teacher

I have no background in this

Never did I see myself homeschooling…

But I came to the realization that…

My son thrives in school.

He is so creative.

And I knew I personally needed to stop making excuses as to why I couldn’t…and step up to the plate as his mama. 

This isn’t to make anyone feel shame or feel like they aren’t doing enough, it’s about when and if you and your little are ready…Camden was ready, and this mama knew I needed to do this for him. 

Yes, I work from home full-time. 

Yes, we have a 15 month old. 

Yes, this is a challenge.   

But I have learned if it’s important to you…no matter what your schedule is, what your demands are…you will find a way! 

So every day we spend 30-45 minutes during Teagan’s nap time “going to school.” 

I am putting ZERO pressure on him or me to “learn the alphabet” or “get it.” It's really just a letter of the week that makes it easy for me to devise a plan!  He may end the week knowing that dumbstruck starts with D he may not, but that isn’t the goal…the goal is intentional time teaching my boy amongst the CHAOS that is life right now! 

So if you feel fear and doubt stirring from their slumber…if you wonder HOW you are going to do it all, know that you are not alone! Alone is a lie, we are all in this together…and we will take it ONE DAY, one hour at a time. 

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SPOTLIGHT: MARIANA FRANCO | @marianaaafranco
Mariana weighed her options carefully when it came to distanced learning with four littles ones under one roof.

Parents are often faced with difficult decisions when it comes to what is best for their child, but this year has really challenged us to make what feels like impossible choices for our children. As the start of the school year approaches, we are faced with the uncertainty of what the school year will look like. Some school districts have made the choice for us and stated that children will go back to a full-time distant learning model. However, other school districts have given parents the option to choose between in-person learning or distance learning. That’s where I fall, in the group that has to make a decision for their child where either option sounds like it could potentially have a detrimental outcome. Do I risk my child's physical health, and that of our family or do I sacrifice their education, social development and mental health. Suddenly, here I am trying to make a decision that doesn't just affect me and my child, but rather our whole family unit.  

I recently delivered my daughter in July and am learning to juggle four children. Though I am home on maternity leave now, in a few weeks i'll be back at work full-time, working night shifts at the hospital and learning to balance work, home, and everything in-between. If I send my child back in person, I risk him catching and bringing home this terrible virus to the rest of us here at home, including his vulnerable newborn sister. If I keep him home, I risk him not doing as well in school because I fear I won’t have the time to give him the quality education he deserves to thrive in second grade. As I go back and forth with my thoughts I realize I am not alone with these feelings. Every parent is experiencing these fears and contemplating these decisions. I realize that although either option sounds terrible in my head, I need to do what I feel is best for our family. What that looks like for me, might look different for someone else, and that's okay. There is no right answer here. Everyone's situation and circumstances are unique and though I may not feel great about either option, I have to go with the one that makes the most sense for us. If there is anything that all this has taught me, it’s to be flexible and to be okay when things don’t always go as planned. 

As disappointed as I am that things are not going back to normal, I remind myself that these are not normal times. I am learning to balance my career as a nurse through a pandemic and the needs of our family and four children at home. I will be flexible, plan for the unexpected and continue to do what I feel is best for my little ones and our family. Supporting one another during these difficult times is more important than ever as we learn to navigate through these unthinkably challenging times in parenthood.

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Despite their similarities, best friends Casey and  decided to take different directions with their little ones’ education this school year.

Hi everyone! We are Casey and Erin, two mom friends living just outside of Las Vegas. We are each pregnant with our third babies, have kindergarten aged daughters (named Reagan and Reegan!) and have toddlers at home. We do a lot together, including group trips to Disneyland, running small shops, and now being pregnant during a pandemic. Despite all of our similarities, we are taking two different directions when it comes to the education of our kids this upcoming school year. We are thrilled to partner with Blanqi Girls today to show you how no matter how limited or difficult this school year looks, there are options that can work for you and your family!

Casey’s Plan:

Last year my daughter Reagan attended preschool 2 days per week. She has a late August birthday and a few months into the school year I started panicking over the thought of sending my barely 5 year old to full day kindergarten the following year. I had to make a decision by January 2020, and after a lot of contemplation I decided to keep her home one more year to repeat preschool and send her to kindergarten when she turned six! Little did I know at that time just how impactful that decision would turn out to be! As more and more information and restrictions about the upcoming school year came to light, I felt immense relief knowing that Reagan would be able to attend her old preschool in person, without any virtual learning or mask requirements. 

Shortly before classes began, the opportunity arose to send my three year old daughter, Elliott, to an in home preschool. While we hadn’t planned to send her so young, I am taking advantage of this opportunity and eager to give her a social experience when so many of her previous activities are still on hold. Of course I know that things may change over the course of the next few months, and there is a chance we will have to resort to virtual learning. I am remaining hopeful that my children will have a sense of normalcy for part of this school year, but am opening my mind to the reality that nothing is set in stone and I may have to be flexible. 

Erin’s Plan:

Hello fellow teacher mothers! Never thought we would have to do this, eh? And yet here we all are, becoming teachers overnight WITH a baby on our hip. Or our boob depending on your stage of life.  The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of decision making, and we finally settled on a plan of action for our Kindergartner. We are moving forward with virtual learning in the mornings, and it is mostly me just running back and forth between the online computer session and the laundry room, or the fridge for yet another snack for little brother, or the bathroom as my giant pregnant belly continues to grow and make room for no living thing. No one has seen me naked yet, and I am calling it a win. After the morning virtual learning sessions, we have a little homeschool lesson. Each day holds a different subject: music, art, STEM, or a Montessori based activity. Before you think I know what I am doing, I graduated with my early education degree in Pinterest, specializing in checking out books from the library that somewhat connect to the subject. After a lunch break, I take her to an in-home preschool/kindergarten where she is able to socialize with her peers and I am able to get a little break! Ha, no, I kid. Little brother dropped his naps just in time for this, and baby brother will be along soon enough to really destroy the break dream. But I have to tell you, while the idea of homeschooling my child was terrifying, it has turned out to be the very favorite part of her day, and that gives me an insane amount of confidence. Each lesson I teach, I get more comfortable with the idea of homeschooling, and I love that I get to experience her excitement of learning, and be present during those “ah-ha” moments I always got to see with former students when I was a teacher. More often than not, little brother joins in on the lessons, and my eldest is able to guide him in completing the lesson, and that makes my mama and teacher heart sing.  So for those parents out there that are extremely anxious about what the coming year will bring, know this: you have been your child’s teacher since day one and they still love you just the same. So you must be doing something right. Cheers to this school year, no matter how you choose to survive it. See you all on the other side!

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Conclusion? Whether at-home full time or distanced learning part time, only you know what’s best for your little one and your family unit as a whole. The good news? You’re not alone. From socializing to snacks and every STEM class in between, moms from coast to coast are feeling the same trepidation. Truth be told, Erin said it best, “You’ve been your child’s teacher since day one and they still love you just the same. So, you must be doing something right. Cheers to this school year, no matter how you choose to survive it. See you all on the other side!”

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