There are Certain Baby Products that Have to Be on a Baby Registry + This is One of Them

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There are certain baby products that HAVE to be on a baby registry, and this is one of them. Now 5 babies later, I've simplified what I really use on a daily basis and what I would have put on my baby registry the first time around. BLANQI, baby wearing and baby swaddling are always my top 3 baby registry picks!!
The swaddle that I always recommend is this one by Ollie World. My husband is the swaddle master. He can take any blanket and wrap up a snug baby burrito. Me on the other hand, not a master swaddler. I am too paranoid for the blanket and wanted something that was safe, but not full of velcro, zippers and wraps for miles. I wanted something simple I could do just as easily at 3am as 3pm. And to get really particular, I wanted one that transitioned from baby's arms being wrapped up to one that allows them to sleep with their arms free. I can't tell you how many other wraps I ended up zipping up halfway once my babies wanted to sleep with their arms out and usually above their heads.
With BLANQI we design all our products around smart functional features that really provide a solution to our pain points. So I can appreciate the smart design of diaper access the bottom (a huge help when I had my premie who needed to sleep as much as possible that often the NICU nurses would NOT change his diaper if it was just wet just to keep him asleep and growing!), patented fabric to keep baby from overheating and the one-size that grows with baby as he grows.
There is also real therapeutic benefits of using the swaddle.
  • Eases the transition from the womb
  • Decreases irritability while promoting self-soothing
  • Encourages calming to increase bonding
  • Enhances quality of sleep to improve rest and cycle regulation
As well as developmental benefits:
  • Reduces waking suddenly due to the Moro reflex or spontaneous arousal
  • Helps to maintain supine position
  • Preterm infants show improved neuromuscular development, less physiological distress, better motor organization, and more self-regulation abilities
So back to the baby registry. I always suggest to choose a few items, but order deep. Like the first time around my registry looked something like this-
1 bottle set, 1 blanket, 1 onesie set, 1 crib sheet, 1 mattress get the idea.
I always tell everyone get at least 3 of EVERYTHING! At minimum you need 3 swaddlers. I know that could sound excessive, perhaps a bit crazy, but when you find something that works you need it- and the laundry is never ending. I find that with swaddles you need to change them out more often than a crib sheet, but less than a baby outfit- unless of course there is a blowout, which then you always have to change. Which is why having at least 3 swaddlers is totally necessary and my baby registry top pick!
xx Valerie


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