50 Most Popular Baby Names of 2017 // Is Yours on the List?

When choosing your babies name, there always seems to be the pressure from other people if it's a name worthy. Does it hold strong value and confidence or pass on a legacy? Is it gender neutral so people will have to second guess if your child is a boy or girl when reading the name on paper? Will the pronunciation be an issue over the years? Whatever it is, people have opinions what's right and wrong when choosing a name so we've pulled the top 50 most popular baby names for boys and girls throughout 2017 with the help of Baby Center. Is yours on the list?

50 most popular BABY NAMES OF 2017

1 Emma Liam
2 Olivia Noah
3 Ava Lucas
4 Isabella Mason
5 Sophia Logan
6 Mia Oliver
7 Amelia Ethan
8 Charlotte Elijah
9 Harper Aiden
10 Aria James
11 Ella Benjamin
12 Abigail Sebastian
13 Evelyn Alexander
14 Emily Jackson
15 Avery Jacob
16 Madison Carter
17 Scarlett Michael
18 Chloe Jayden
19 Sofia Daniel
20 Lily Matthew
21 Mila William
22 Layla Jack
23 Ellie Luke
24 Riley Wyatt
25 Zoey Grayson
26 Elizabeth Gabriel
27 Aubrey Henry
28 Luna Julian
29 Grace Levi
30 Penelope Owen
31 Victoria Ryan
32 Hannah Jaxon
33 Nora Leo
34 Stella Isaiah
35 Camila Lincoln
36 Addison Nathan
37 Bella Samuel
38 Natalie David
39 Maya Adam
40 Savannah Joseph
41 Brooklyn Eli
42 Skylar Isaac
43 Aurora Anthony
44 Paisley Caleb
45 Hazel John
46 Lillian Muhammad
47 Lucy Dylan
48 Audrey Josiah
49 Aaliyah Hunter
50 Zoe Joshua

There's such debate about sharing your chosen name while pregnant or waiting until baby is born based on reviews and opinions you may receive if you share it. What's your take? Are you one that's confident in your baby name and won't waver even with sour opinions or are you more of a people pleaser and want guidance and help choosing the perfect name for your bundle of love? Wherever you stand, this list may give you some inspiration if you're currently pregnant!

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